The Simmons Titan 50 E-Kit Review

I Finally Got An E-Kit Drum Set: Simmons Titan 50

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I will just say up front: I LOVE this little kit. I also really suck at drums so this might not mean a lot for someone who knows what they’re doing. But as a beginner drummer, I’m having an absolute blast with this little kit and learning Drumming 101 quickly. 

As a beginner who has never laid hands on drumsticks before, my journey into drumming began with the Simmons Titan 50 electronic drum kit. Here’s my firsthand account of what it’s been like to learn drumming on this thing.

First Impressions and Setup

Easy. The setup is super easy, dude. It all comes in a single box and the frame is already assembled so you don’t have to put that together. Just unfold it and get to work. You obviously have to put the drum heads on their respective inserts but the instructions are very basic. 

TIP: One thing I learned while setting it up, get all your drum heads and cymbals on their mounts first, then move them around later to make the kit comfortable for yourself. 

TIP 2: The wires look a little sloppy once you have them all rigged up. Each head and cymbal has a wire that goes to the module so it gets a little cluttered. I bought some silicone magnetic wire wraps from Amazon a while back and they work exceptionally well for keeping the wires tight to the frame. 

Modules and Sound Quality

Once I got playing on the kit I took a little tour through all of the sounds on the module. There are about 14 or 15 classic drum sounds until you get into the more synthesized, progressive sounds. I personally like “High Volume” because it gives me that classic aggressive snare drum tone and thick bassy kick drum. You can also customize your own sound but honestly as a beginner there are more than enough pre-programmed tones keep me occupied. 

In my opinion, the sound of the drums is very realistic. I’ve been playing through studio headphones and am impressed with it. One thing I do wish it had was a little more volume. But this might be more of a restriction of the studio headphones than the kit. We’ll see how loud it gets once I get a proper PA or drum amp setup for it. 

Playability and Response

The responsiveness of the kit was something I read was important, and the Titan 50 didn’t let me down. The mesh drum heads felt good under the sticks, reacting to every hit with pretty much instantaneous sound. I’ve played a few (very few) regular drum kits and the response of the mesh heads feels pretty realistic to me. The snare drum is probably a little softer than a real one, but all the other heads feel quite good. 

The cymbals, well they’re rubber. They don’t have the sensitivity that true crash and ride cymbals do, but the modulated sound from them is still good. And considering I am using this to just get used to positioning, working on hand and foot independence, and reading charts, it’s not a big deal to me that the cymbals feel a little synthetic.

One thing to note, the cymbals do not have a choke feature. So if that is a big deal to you, this isn’t your kit. For me, it means very little at this stage. 

The bass drum is my favorite feature on this kit. Unlike some of the other beginner kits like the Alesis Turbo kit, the Titan 50 is equipped with a realistic kick pedal, beater, and back plate. I thought this was important because getting timing and finesse with the bass pedal is something I think would be very difficult to hone with a pedal that only simulates the sound. 

Additional Features and Versatility

As a beginner, the built-in training features of the Titan 50 have been invaluable. The kit includes practice routines and a metronome, which have been essential for me to learn proper timing. But really, I have mostly been learning basic beats and rudiments from YouTube videos and this kit is very adequate for practicing these. 

One more feature I think is cool, the module has a MIDI out port which I can feed into an audio interface or even my phone. I can record videos of my playing with my phone and have direct input sound on them. I think that’s very cool. 

Honestly, this is one of the better items I’ve bought after hesitating for a long time. I’ve wanted a kit for years and never thought it was worth my while. But for $400, it’s well worth it even it you only get the most basic use out of it. If nothing else, it will give you a good test of your interest in really picking up drumming and getting a full kit. 

If you’ve been thinking about an electronic drum kit to get started, go buy this thing. You won’t be disappointed. 

Guys, I am not sponsored (clearly) by any companies or brands. Everything I write is my own genuine perspective. I use affiliate links on Amazon to make a little extra cash and feed this music project – IF the best product is available on there. I bought this kit from Guitar Center and they don’t sell it on Amazon (wtf?) But if you read this article and your first instinct is to go to Amazon and shop for some drum stuff, huge appreciation if you use my link. 

Keep the music coming!

Thank you all!

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