“You Have To Wear The Dress On Stage!” The Incubus Backstage Incubus Game

"You Have To Wear The Dress On Stage!" The Backstage Incubus Game

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In the electric hum of a concert venue, under the gaze of thousands of expectant eyes, a curious ritual was unfolding. This was no ordinary rite, but rather an unorthodox pre-performance tradition enacted by the members of a band on the precipice of a career-defining tour. The band was Incubus, and the tour was in support of their pivotal album, “Make Yourself”.

Every evening, in the shadowy recesses of the backstage, the band members congregated around an innocuous-looking bag. This was not just any bag. It was the nexus of their ritual, the crux of a game designed to inject an element of randomness and humor into the exhausting and monotonous process of touring. They christened it the “Dress-up Slot Machine”.

The bag’s contents were a bizarre assembly of artifacts, ranging from flamboyant wigs to outrageous glasses, from absurd accessories to the most extravagant of costumes. The game’s rules were elementary yet binding. Before each performance, each member would plunge a hand into the enigmatic depths of the bag, pulling out a random item that they were then obliged to wear for the duration of the show.

On one fateful evening, the game’s inherent unpredictability reached a crescendo. The band’s frontman, Brandon Boyd, reached into the bag and pulled out a glittering mass of sequins. It was a dress – tight, ostentatious, and unnervingly vibrant. For a moment, a stunned silence ensued. The band members exchanged glances, a collective understanding passing between them. Boyd, always the charismatic performer, broke the silence with a laugh. He shrugged, accepted his fate, and slipped into the sequined dress.

Under the harsh glow of the stage lights, Boyd emerged, the dress glinting and flashing with each strum of the guitar, each thunderous beat of the drums. Far from inhibiting him, the dress seemed to lend an electrifying energy to his performance. The crowd erupted, both perplexed and exhilarated by the spectacle. Images of Boyd in his dazzling attire would soon permeate the farthest corners of fan forums and social media, adding a new, unexpected chapter to the band’s lore.

This peculiar event serves as a testament to Incubus’s ethos – one that champions eccentricity and spontaneity, redefining the conventions of rock and roll. More than just a band, they were a dynamic force pushing boundaries, their unique pre-show tradition encapsulating their fearless spirit and unwavering dedication to entertainment.

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